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See also Experimental Version History|Experimental Patch Notes History

Update 1.5.8 (Latest version - Playable)[править | править код]


New objects have been added to the game!


  • Printed on: Backpack
  • Resource Cost: 1 Steel
  • Byte Cost: 4,000

Suit & Wanderer palettes

This one is secret, but you will unlock them while completing the Wanderer experience!

Figurine Platform

  • Printed on: Large Printer
  • Resource Cost: 1 Iron, 2 Steel, 1 Aluminium Alloy
  • Byte Cost: 6,000

EXO Holographic Figurine

  • Printed from: Backpack
  • Resource Cost: 1 Plastic
  • Byte Cost: 3,000

Stone Figurine Pieces

Stone figurines for the Figurine Platform that spawn on specific planets. Special Lapis and Jasper versions can be found on specific planets!

Large Curved Platform

  • Printed from: Medium Printer
  • Resource Cost: 1 Aluminium Alloy, 1 Ceramic, 1 Iron
  • Byte Cost: 4,500

Extra Large Curved Platform

  • Printed from: Large Printer
  • Resource Cost: 1 Aluminium Alloy, 1 Steel, 2 Titanium
  • Byte Cost: 7500

Camera Filters

Added two new camera filters to the Small Camera to make your adventure photos even cooler!


  • Several “Quality of Life” issues have been addressed in this update.
  • Boost Mod will now properly affect tool speed when combined with a Narrow or Wide mod regardless of equipping order or slot position.
  • Any combination of Augments can now be equipped simultaneously. Some (like Boost Mod and Inhibitor Mod)
  • Increased the number of beacon colors to 10, up from 6.
  • Fireworks now fire without delay when attached to aux slots and reactive sockets. Fireworks still have a delay when ignited on ground, or from a non-reactive slot.
  • T1 Platforms now have oxygen rails.


The following bugs have been fixed as of version 1.5.8

Community Identified Issues

  • [AS-8187] - Last tether in bundle is now be placed as expected. Last glowstick and last extender in bundle are also being placed correctly now.
  • [AS-8364] - Soil Centrifuge is not becoming stuck in downward position when user saves and exits after it is done with its operation.


  • [AS-7903] - Orientation of packaged items is now maintained when placing them onto a platform.
  • [AS-7991] - Last glowstick in a bundle is placed with the correct orientation now, the same as every other glowstick.
  • [AS-8080] - Galactic suit now points when the player clicks on terrain.
  • [AS-8191] - Medium printer is now able to print on the XL Platform A, regardless of the direction it is facing.
  • [AS-8198] - Player is no longer able to print from the diagonal slots on the Large Hoop Platform B
  • [AS-8228] - Jetpack now shuts off when picking up an item while using the aux keys to fly.
  • [AS-8235] - Large Storage Ring now has correct SFX when picked up, dropped, and when landing.
  • [AS-8236] - Large storage now has correct SFX when picked up, dropped, and when landing
  • [AS-8268] - Hologram orientation of packaged Extra Large Arch Platform now matches the Hologram orientation of XL Arch Platform when printing.
  • [AS-8304] - Large Hoop Platforms now have the proper amount of oxygen connection points
  • [AS-8337] - Both sides of medium storage now have mouse collision when expanded.
  • [AS-8349] - LOD range for stalagmites has been increased
  • [AS-8352] - All three shredders now maintain any partial scrap nuggets they have through save load, and pick up where they left off when creating scrap after loading.
  • [AS-8329] - Small printer is no longer able to print from the diagonal slots on the tall platform. When placed in one of the slots, the printer is inactive.
  • [AS-8290] - All platforms cables now disconnect once out of cable range.
  • [AS-8327] - Printer is disabled when slotted into any of the non-horizontal slots on the Recreational Canopy.


  • [AS-8084] - Client is now able to hear their own backpack printer SFX.
  • [AS-8291] - Multiplayer | Dropship will now bring players to the original starting shelter instead of the new player created shelter when there are multiple shelters in a game.

Update 1.4.15[править | править код]


New objects have been added to the game!

Hydrazine Jet Pack

  • Provides sustained direction thrust, consumes hydrazine.
  • Printed from: Backpack
  • Resource Cost: 1 Titanium Alloy
  • Byte Cost: 15,000

Solid-Fuel Jump Jet

  • Provides additional boost when jumping, limited time usage.
  • Printed from: Backpack 
  • Resource Cost: 1 Aluminium Alloy
  • Byte Cost: 5,000

Small Camera

  • Takes instant photograph when slotted, delayed when placed on the ground.
  • Printed from: Backpack
  • Resource Cost: 1 Steel
  • Byte Cost: 2,500


  • An inexpensive illumination device that is used to provide temporary guidance for 15 minutes before expiring.
  • Printed from: Backpack
  • Resource Cost: 1 Organic
  • Byte Cost: 350

Field Shelter

  • Packable shelter that creates a new save and spawn point.
  • Printed from: Small Printer
  • Resource Cost: 1 Silicone , 1 Graphene
  • Byte Cost: 8,000

Reaction Slots

Special slots are now available on the new Hoop platforms, Arch Platform, and Ring Storage. When a platform is triggered by a Player or Ball (zebra, beach, recreational sphere), it will activate any item that is attached.

Large Hoop Platform A

  • Recreational Item
  • Printed from: Medium Printer
  • Resource Cost: 2 Aluminium Alloy, 1 Copper, 1 Ceramic
  • Byte Cost: 4,000

Large Hoop Platform B

  • Recreational Item
  • Printed from: Medium Printer
  • Resource Cost: 1 Aluminium Alloy, 1 Steel, 1 Copper
  • Byte Cost: 6,000

Large Storage Ring

  • Recreational Item
  • Printed from: Medium Printer
  • Resource Cost: 1 Aluminium Alloy, 2 Ceramic
  • Byte Cost: 2,500

Extra Large Arch Platform

  • Recreational Item
  • Printed from: Large Printer
  • Resource Cost: 2 Steel, 2 Titanium
  • Byte Cost: 7,000

Updated the art of the following objects to match the current art style

  • Chemistry Lab
  • Crane
  • Small Battery
  • Medium Battery
  • Large Seat
  • Medium Wind Turbine
  • Trade Platform
  • Winch


These “Quality of Life” issues have been addressed in this update.

  • Players can now manually toggle the orientation of the Medium Storage.
  • Lowered the volume on deform noises so that players can hear the notification pings
  • Reduced the cost of the Hydrazine Thruster Recipe to: 1 Tungsten & 1 Steel


The following bugs have been fixed as of version 1.4.15


  • [AS-7447] - Platforms will no longer sink into the ground if terrain around them is manipulated in anyway
  • [AS-6385] - Large Rover will no longer fall through the ground when the terrain tool is used around it or when a drill is active.
  • [AS-7986] - Tooltip for the broken Large Platform B now says Detritus as expected.
  • [AS-7876] - Audio Listener position works properly on spherical worlds
  • [AS-7872] - LOD for some aspects of the trade platform have been extended.
  • [AS-7870] - Small battery no longer has overlapping plugs.
  • [AS-7795] - The Odd Stone on the Gateway Station now has proximity highlight for controller players.
  • [AS-7789] - Both the Large Storage Silo A and Large Storage Silo B can now be shredded in the T4 shredder.
  • [AS-7785] - Soil Centrifuge now returns resources to upright position after extracting soil, even when there are no slots for the resources to be placed on.
  • [AS-7782] - Gateway station now has correct mouse-over UI in orbital view, even after flying to and from several planets.
  • [AS-7735] - Changes made to customization options when both users have their customization menus open are now reflected to each other.
  • [AS-7732] - Modules are now able to automatically pull resources from the Large Storage Silo A and Large Storage Silo B.
  • [AS-7725] - All decorators on Desolo now giving players organic when harvested.
  • [AS-7555] - All three printers will now swap out the proper quantities of resources when switching between two items that require different amounts of the same ingredient to print.
  • [AS-6925] - XL Platform B’s oxygen indicator is now only on when the platform is actually connected to oxygen
  • [AS-6554] - Tethers that were previously disappearing are now spawned in the air next to the player and drop to the ground.
  • [AS-5042] - Wind vanes and decorators now have synced wind response to wind streaks.
  • [AS-4384] - Repackager and Dynamite are both more closely oriented to the item they are attached to.


  • [AS-7787] - Research Chamber appears as expected for client when they leave relevance then to it.
  • [AS-7552] - Resources deposits will no longer disappear from client's perspective occasionally.
  • [AS-6705] - Client is now able to use Soil Centrifuge if they have left the area and returned.

Alpha (Early Access)[править | править код]

Update 0.10.2[править | править код]


New Crafting Progression

In order to prepare for new items that will be added in 1.0 as well as creating a progression that encourages exploration, we have overhauled the progression of crafting. There are now new resources in the world to gather, completely new craftable resources, and a new resource type, Atmospheric! Now, in order to craft everything in the game, Astroneers must travel to different planets. Progression now happens in a few stages:

Stage 1: Gathering resources with your terrain tool. In addition to the existing in-game resources, there are several new mineral deposits found throughout the world, and different densities of those resources on different planets.

Stage 2: Smelting and Refining resources. Like the current version of Astroneer, step two requires smelting and refining materials. There are new smeltable resources, be sure to check their UI card for more details!

  • Smelter has been renamed “Smelting Furnace”
  • More resources can be smelted

Stage 3: Extracting resources from soil. This system has gotten a complete overhaul. Rather than just extracting all resources, the newly dubbed Soil Centrifuge's role is now to help Astroneers extract common resources without all of the manual labor. This should allow players to focus on finding rare resources and automate the process of gathering items like compound and resin.

  • Mineral Extractor has been refactored into the “Soil Centrifuge”
  • Centrifuge provides easy access to common and uncommon resources but no longer can create all resources.

Stage 4: Compositing two resources together. Stage 4 now requires some science! In order to create rare composite resources, Astroneers must use the "Chemisty Lab" to combine resources from the above steps. Rare resources will now sometimes require a specific atmospheric gas to create.

  • Hydrazine Catalyzer has been refactored into a “Chemistry Lab”
  • Brand new resources can be crafted by combining multiple resources together
  • Some high-level resources require an Atmospheric resource as a type of fuel

Stage 5: Collecting Atmospheric Resources. As mentioned above, Atmospheric Resources are a new resource, and the new Atmospheric Condenser is the way to gather them. Not all atmospheres have every gas, and some have higher concentrations of gases than others, so make sure to visit new planets in order to collect all gases for crafting!

  • Fuel Condenser has been refactored into the “Atmospheric Condenser”, and visuals for the module have been completely replaced
  • Allows you to collect different resources from the planet’s local atmosphere
  • Different planets have different resource availabilities!

New Resources and Recipes

A new ore has been added - Sphalerite. Sphalerite can be smelted into Zinc, and is found above ground and below ground on most planets.

New types of resource deposits have been added - Quartz, Clay, and Graphite.

  • Quartz can be smelted into Glass
  • Clay can be smelted into Ceramic
  • Organic can now be smelted into Carbon. Coal deposits have been removed from the game and any existing Coal nuggets have been migrated to Carbon nuggets.
  • The Medium Generator now uses Carbon!

The following new crafted resources can be created at the Chemistry Lab:

  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Graphene
  • Diamond
  • Hydrazine
  • Silicone
  • Explosive Powder
  • Steel
  • Titanium Alloy
  • Nanocarbon Alloy

The following new atmospheric resources can be gathered using the Atmospheric Condenser:

  • Hydrogen
  • Argon
  • Methane
  • Nitrogen
  • Helium
  • Sulfur

To enable early game exploration of new planets, two new items have been added: the Solid-Fuel Thruster and the Small Shuttle.

  • The Solid-Fuel Thruster is unlocked in the Catalog for 500 Bytes and is printed from the Small Printer for 1 Aluminum and 1 Ammonium. This disposable thruster will enable you to take a one-way trip to another planet so you can collect the resources you need to complete your crafting progression. For your convenience, it prints to a small package that fits in your backpack, so be sure to take spares with you if you want to make round trips!
  • The Small Shuttle is unlocked in the Catalog for 1500 Bytes and is printed from the Vehicle Bay for 2 Aluminum. The Small Shuttle works with both the Hydrazine Thruster and the Solid-Fuel Thruster.

Recipes for many of the objects in game have changed! The goal of these changes is to give each item a clearer place in the crafting and gameplay progression. We hope players will now have a much more gratifying sense of progression as they unlock and craft new technology!

Because this is such a big change for the game, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the forums.

General Changes

The Catalog has received a visual redesign! We heard your feedback loud and clear on this, and with all the new recipes, we decided to overhaul the catalog and the information provided within. We hope that players will now make better informed decisions when spending bytes and planning out progression!

  • The Catalog display now shows the required resources to help you decide how to spend your hard-earned bytes
  • To further streamline Research and Printing, researchable items have been arranged by the printer type they come from (Backpack, Small Printer,
  • Medium Printer, Vehicle Bay) instead of their gameplay role.
  • All Fabricators have been renamed to Printers.

Collectible power nuggets and oxygen nuggets have been removed from the game!

  • To mitigate oxygen “rescue” moments, oxygen filters are unlocked by default and resin deposits are more common.
  • To mitigate power collection, the collectible nuggets surrounding hazards will collect as organic for small power generators.


Hovering over the required Resource holograms on printers now displays information about obtaining that Resource in their Tooltip. There are tons of new things, so this should help players find the resources they need!

EXO Wrecks and fallen Astroneer backpacks now have a chance to grant the newly added resources. See you in the stars fallen friends.

Byte values of researchable items have been adjusted

Byte costs of purchasable items have been adjusted


The following live issues have been fixed as of version

  • [AS-2487] - Fixed a bug where the Smelter sound loop would persist for Client players in Multiplayer games after smelting has finished
  • [AS-2676] - Fixed a bug where the Client player in Multiplayer games was unable to hear the Smelter when it was active
  • [AS-3330] - Fixed a bug where the Client player in Multiplayer games was not able to see the preview holograms while printing Medium and Large Rovers
  • [AS-3341] - Fixed a bug where Vehicle Bay will pop to center of the Shelter once it has been unpacked
  • [AS-3362] - Fixed a minor issue with the Medium Solar hologram which appeared too bright in the Catalog
  • [AS-3363] - Fixed a minor issue with the Terrain Analyzer image clipping through the background of the Catalog
  • [AS-3419] - Control + Click shortcut should once again work on the Landing Zone control panel
  • [AS-3426] - Fixed a bug with the item pads of small objects becoming separated from the object under certain conditions
  • [AS-3461] - Fixed an issue where Fireworks explosion became visually offset with the rocket
  • [AS-3465] - Smelter will no longer drop items to the ground when queuing up resources
  • [AS-3509] - Items will no longer fall out of world when packages are unpacked upside down
  • [AS-3522] - Fixed a bug where the green light on the side of certain module packages did not light up
  • [AS-3523] - Fixed a bug where Printers were not prevented from printing when items were placed in the center of the preview hologram
  • [AS-3541] - Fixed a long term usability issue where Smelter slots did not have priority over platform slots for placing ores for processing.
  • [AS-3571] - FIxed a visual issue where the Medium Storage became unskinned for a brief moment when unpacking
  • [AS-3602] - Fixed a number of localization issues in the Quick Help menu screens
  • [AS-3608] - Fixed a number of objects whose holograms appeared too large in the Catalog and caused readability issues with localized text
  • [AS-3647] - Fixed a bug where the Small Fabricator could finish its current printing process while being stowed in the backpack
  • [AS-3665] - Resources found in the white resource caches now show UI information cards
  • [AS-3669] - Exit key is no longer present in the shuttle UI when in orbit
  • [AS-3739] - Fixed an issue that occured when the player died with the research catalog open which caused previously unlocked items to show as locked and unpurchasable after respawn.

Thanks for reading! This is a big change for the game, and we would love your feedback. [steam://openurl_external/https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=https://forum.systemera.net/topic/49195-the-crafting-update-feedback-megathread/ Use this thread to give us your thoughts!]

Update 0.9.2[править | править код]

  • Version Number:
  • Type: Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 20th July 2018
  • Original Post: [1]
  • Patch Notes:

Update 0.9.2 contains the groundwork for extensive changes to the crafting and resource systems, as well as additions to printer lists and changes to printers overall!


New resource deposits have been added to the solar system! Titanite, Wolframite, and Hematite deposits can now be found on the surface of planets and in caves. But you won’t be able to find all of these on Terran, intrepid Astroneers will have to travel the solar system in order to find the new resources.

  • Titanium has been changed to be the refined form of Titanite.
  • Wolframite and Hematite can be smelted into Tungsten and Iron, respectively.

New recipes have been added to include these new smelted resources! New resources need new recipes to print them! These are just a few items that will be using this new resource progression, be on the look out for more items in updates very soon

  • Drill Head: 1 Tungsten and 1 Resin
  • Extra Large Platform: 2 Iron
  • Extra Large Storage: 2 Iron and 2 Aluminum
  • Fireworks: 1 Titanium
  • Thruster: 2 Tungsten


- Medium Printer has been removed as part of an ongoing effort to streamline crafting. With the introduction of the Small and Medium Fabricators, the Medium Printer became increasingly redundant and created confusion about where objects can be crafted.

  • All objects that previously printed from the Medium Printer can now be crafted from the Small Fabricator.
  • Existing Medium Printers in saved games have been automatically converted to Small Fabricators.

- Thruster is now a craftable object. It is available in the Catalog for 2000 Bytes and prints from the Small Fabricator for 2 Tungsten.

- The respawn rate of Harvestables has been positively adjusted!

- EXO wrecks can now be found in caves! Adventurous Astroneers will also discover new large wrecks on the surface that hint to each planet’s theme.

- The orange launch button has been removed from the Shuttles. You can now use the Auxiliary keys (Z / X on keyboard or RB / LB on gamepad) to launch into orbit.

- Beacons have received a small update and a bug fix.

  • Beacons are once again visible when slotted. Now players actually can locate their vehicles if a beacon has been put in a slot on the chassis.
  • They can now be turned off. This option is available when you finish cycling through all of the color options using the input keys.
  • They can now be turned on, off, and their color can be changed using the aux keys when slotted onto an auxiliary slot on vehicles and backpacks.


The following live issues have been fixed as of version

  • A number of frequently occurring low-level crashes have been fixed, increasing overall stability.
  • [AS-2475] - Fix an issue where the Backpack "No power” notification did not account for attached extra power from batteries.
  • [AS-2521] - Fixed an issue in Multiplayer games where an incorrect required resource notification is displayed when a Client player scrolls between craftable objects with a resource in their backpack.
  • [AS-2576] - Picking up or quick stowing a bundleable item into the Backpack no longer starts a new bundle if a non-full bundle of that item is already in the backpack.
  • [AS-2598] - Fixed a Multiplayer issue where the Backpack printer did not display necessary resource to craft for the Client player.
  • [AS-3256] - If you open the catalog while your terrain tool is out, it will be put away. This fixed an issue where the mouse did not work with the catalog if the catalog was opened while the terrain tool was equipped.
  • [AS-3261] - Fixed an issue where Medium Generators attached to a Rover aux slot could not be toggled using the aux keys.
  • [AS-3267] - Fixed an issue in the Tutorial, where the Research Module control panel could not be examined when the progress tooltip refreshed too quickly.
  • [AS-3294] - Fixed an Audio issue causing the reverb audio filter to persist when Players exited a cave.
  • [AS-3311] - Fixed a small visual issue where the Trade Module Rocket appeared unskinned for a brief moment when the Trade Module platform is unpacked.
  • [AS-3331] - Spiker Seeds now have a UI card.
  • [AS-3339] - Client players should once again be able to slot items to the top slots on the Medium and Large Rovers.
  • [AS-3349] - Fixed an issue on the Xbox One where the selection cursor persisted upon respawn if the Astroneer died while browsing the catalog.
  • [AS-3382] - Drop SFX have been restored on small modules.
  • [AS-3383] - Pick-up and placement SFX for Small Wind Turbine, Small Solar, and Small Generator have been restored.
  • [AS-3389] - Clients should once again hear Fuel Canister emptying SFX.
  • [AS-3396] - Vehicle Bays should now be able to print Rovers and the Small Shuttle on top of a wrecked Spaceport.
  • [AS-3424] - Blowing up a Large Shredder should no longer leave an unusable partial Scrap resource.
  • [AS-3430] - When modules are picked up from their bases, their control panels will now close automatically instead of jittering erratically.
  • [AS-3463] - Tweaked the Fireworks sound effect so it no longer starts before the visual effect appears.
  • [AS-3525] - Resource slots on small fabricator can disappear or reappear as camera is rotated to put it offscreen
  • Fixed a number of small localization bugs, naming inconsistencies, and text spacing issues.
  • Restored a number of missing icons indicating the contents of a printed package.


  • The addition of new Wrecks and Discovery types will cause terrain seams in old saves. This will no longer be an issue once Terrain 2.0 gets rolled out!
  • Some titanium from older saves might disappear upon updating.

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Update 0.9.0[править | править код]

  • Version Number:
  • Type: Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 6th July 2018
  • Original Post: [1]
  • Patch Notes:
      • Players can now find new types of EXO discoveries while exploring! From small crashed dropships to sprawling empty outposts, these discoveries await you on the surface of all planets across the solar system. Some of these structures are still somewhat usable… will you strip them of their goods, or settle down and repurpose their working parts into a new base of operations? Some of these include:
        • Solar and wind farms
        • Wrecked dropships
        • Abandoned spaceports
      • These discoveries will also provide valuable parts that you can use for shredding, which brings us to our next addition...
      • The Small Shredder and Medium Shredder have been added to the game! Shredding is a new gameplay mechanic in Astroneer, that will allow players to use found and created materials to create Scrap, a new resource. Scrap is created by shredding items and modules you no longer need, or wrecked objects and debris you find in the world. Players can then use scrap to trade for materials at the Trade Platform.
      • The Small Shredder is available in the Catalog for 500 Bytes and prints from the Small Fabricator for 1 Aluminum
      • Medium Shredder is available in the Catalog for 1000 Bytes and prints from the Medium Fabricator for 2 Aluminum
      • The trade platform has been updated to be the primary source of trading for Scrap. Instead of trading using crafting materials, you now use the trade platform to send scrap away in exchange for resources you might need! We will continue to make adjustments to the exchange rates so make sure to let us know how these work for you!
      • As part of ongoing improvements to the in-game UI, the Power and Oxygen status visualizations have been changed to icons and notification tags rather than floating text.
      • Hovering over another player in Multiplayer games now gives you a bit of information about them.
      • Harvestables now appear on Radiated and Arid, as well as in Caves on all planets! The design team is eager to hear your feedback on respawn rates and point grant values of Harvestables. Please visit the forums, or other social channels, and let us know what you think!
      • All Rovers now have tighter turn radius, enabling more awesome donut maneuvers, but also better maneuverability in caves.
      • Fixed a crash that occurred when printing a Large Shuttle both a Power Nugget and directional power to the Vehicle Bay.
      • Fixed a UI bug where the text on the Vehicle Bay would flip upside down when approaching it in a vehicle.
      • Fixed a long standing issue in the Trade Platform where the trade resources would appear inconsistently between client and host players in Multiplayer games.
      • Fixed an Audio issue where storm effects would not return if a player entered and then exited a cave during a storm.
      • Footstep sound effects have returned!
      • Fixed an Audio issue where the Lowpass filter would remain in effect after dying.
      • Adjusted the headers in the Quick Help menu so they no longer overlap in Windowed mode or with longer translations.
      • Fixed a bug where a Terrain Analyzer occupying a Backpack slots would interfere with the ability to place objects directly into the Backpack.
      • Fixed a camera collision issue that occurred when a player would pan across in front of the Habitat causing the Landing pad to flicker in and out.
      • Small platforms should no longer topple over easily on uneven ground.
      • Filter hologram should once again be present on the Backpack printer preview.
      • Fixed an issue where an unusable Examine prompt would appear when selecting the Small Fabricator in your Backpack.
      • The Dropship should no longer be deployable when it is placed on a Shuttle.
      • Fixed an Audio issue where only the first hydrazine canister attached to a shuttle would play its associated SFX when fuel is transferred into shuttle tank.
      • Fixed an annoying issue where Hard Terrain and its surrounding terrain could not be flattened together without the appearance of a small gap or jagged edges.
      • Tooltips no longer remain visible on the Terrain Tool after closing the Backpack.
      • Fixed a major issue on the Xbox One causing the game to not save after entering the Habitat and then powering down the console.
      • In a higher latency situation, rejoining players may appear at first where they last were in a Multiplayer game, but due to latency, input is still bound to the EXO satellite and on pressing 'A' they get relaunched from the station.
      • The addition of new POI's and Discovery types will cause terrain seams in old saves. This will no longer be an issue once Terrain 2.0 gets rolled out.

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Update 0.8.0[править | править код]

  • Version Number:
  • Type: Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 14th June 2018
  • Original Post: [2]
  • Patch Notes:
    • The game has an all-new Tutorial experience that is accessible from a new drop pod in the Main Menu!
      • The goal of the new Tutorial is to introduce the basic concepts of Terrain deformation, Oxygen / Power management, Research, Exploration, and Basebuilding in a more streamlined way to new players.
      • We hope that this tutorial will be good for new players to Astroneer, but also to players who haven't played the game in a while but are coming back!
      • When launching Astroneer for the first time, new and returning players will be prompted to try the new Tutorial.
      • Returning players can skip the Tutorial and it will be available to replay at any time from the Main Menu.
      • In order to match the unlock progression of the Tutorial, new games will now begin with the Canister, Tethers, Small Generator, and Open 1-Seat unlocked, in addition to the modules and platforms already available by default.
      • Even if you’re already familiar with the game, we encourage you to play through the new Tutorial.
      • We will continue iterating on the experience over the coming months so please be sure to share your feedback with us in the forums!
    • The game has been updated with a V1 of an overhaul to all of Astroneer’s in-game text UI.
      • Instead of persistent floating text, almost all interactive items, modules, chassis, and resources, have been updated with a "UI card" visual design.
      • All modules and resources now have an icon associated with them.
      • Hovering over holographic input indicators will now tell you the resource required for module, printer, and fabricator recipes.
      • Proximity-based tooltips have been added to all embedded Resources.
      • Position indicators have been removed from vehicles, so be sure to print Beacons and slot them on your Vehicles if you intend to walk very far away!
      • Some areas like: main menu UI, spaceflight UI, Backpack UI, as well as UI for the Trade Module and Mineral Extractor will be updated in a future release.
    • There are now special plant and mineral formations on Terran, Barren, Arid, and Exotic planets that spawn unique objects you can instantly research for a variable amount of Bytes.
      • These Harvestables will respawn their research items over time, and also have a chance to spawn a large, single-use Research Item at their root.
      • Be warned, though: uprooting the plant or mineral will prevent it from respawning their instant-use research items.
      • So weigh your options carefully between single use and respawning values - and be careful where you dig!
      • The goal of the Harvestables system is to smooth out the starting gameplay experience by offering small, renewable sources of Bytes in areas that might have a low density of Research Chests, and to provide interesting points of interaction across the surface of planets.
    • Your Backpack inventory and location are now preserved between multiplayer game sessions!
      • When returning to your friend’s saved games or rejoining after a lost connection, your Astroneer will load in the last location you left them.
      • Also, in order to fix a number of bugs that could occur if clients joined before the host deployed the shelter, multiplayer is now unavailable until the host has landed on the starting planet and deployed the shelter.
    • BUGS
      • Fixed an issue where storms were appearing pixelated for players on the Xbox One
      • Fixed a bug with Generators so they once again pull available organic from backpack slots
      • Fixed a bug where Terrain Analyzer color meters changed to black upon exiting game and reloading the saved game.
      • Audio should now reset properly after Astroneer death.
      • Player backpack oxygen tank should once again pull oxygen from connected tanks or filters.
      • In a higher latency situation, rejoining players may appear at first where they last were in a Multiplayer game, but due to latency, input is still bound to the EXO satellite and on pressing 'A' they get relaunched from the station.
  • Developer comments
    • Also, just in case you missed it, we were at E3 and announced some big news!
    • Astroneer is now slated to go into full 1.0 in December 2018!
    • We will be updating the roadmap to reflect the rest of our plans during Early Access, but rest assured, we will continue updating and adding to the game in order to make 1.0 a huge advancement of Astroneer!
    • Click to watch the E3 trailer

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Rover Update[править | править код]

  • Version Number:
  • Type: Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 8th May 2018
  • Original Post: [3]
  • Patch Notes:
    • ROVERS
      • The Small Rover has been added to the game.
        • It is available in the Catalog for 1000 Bytes and prints from the Vehicle Bay for 2 Compound.
      • Absolute Steering has been implemented for vehicles. Vehicles are now controlled by the movement keys regardless of camera position! (This is the now default steering, can change back to old steering in options menu)
      • The physics model for Rovers has been overhauled.
        • Lateral friction has been added to wheels to prevent rampant sliding.
        • Drag force has been added to Rover acceleration for a more natural velocity cap and more natural steering at high speeds.
        • Acceleration forces now take contact normals into consideration to allow wheels to “roll” over smaller obstacles instead of plowing into them.
      • Certain items attached to the Auxiliary Slots on vehicles and backpack can now be activated by pressing the Contextual Buttons
      • The Thruster has been revised to work better with Rovers.
        • Can now be toggled using the above Contextual Buttons when attached to the Vehicle Auxiliary Slots.
        • Applies a more balanced force for better in-air stability.
        • Can now accelerate Rovers above their max drive speeds.
      • The research cost and recipe of the Medium Rover has been adjusted. Its cost is now 3000 Bytes (up from 2000 Bytes) and requires 2 Compound and 2 Aluminum to print.
      • The built-in batteries on the Medium and Large Rover have been tuned to require more active power sources.
        • The primary reason for the power and recipe changes is to further differentiate the roles of the Medium and Large Rovers from the Small Rover. The Small Rover is intended to be used a light exploration vehicle, while the Medium and Large Rover are meant to serve as heavier haulers and mobile bases.
      • We have made a number of improvements to performance on both PC and Xbox, particularly targeting very large save files and multiplayer games.
        • Specific areas of focus include infrastructure refactors and fixes, removing unnecessary animation overhead, reducing the processing cost of deformation, and optimizing older assets that have not been updated in quite some time. This is an ongoing effort that will continue throughout Early Access, but this latest effort should be noticeable for players on the Xbox in particular. Xbox One now utilizes DirectX 12, further improving rendering efficiency on Xbox One and will allow for future rendering quality improvements.
    • HDR
      • Xbox One X and Xbox One S consoles can now play the game in HDR. Please calibrate your monitor using the default Xbox One calibration screen prior to launching the game.
      • The ‘Flatten Mode’ on the Terrain Tool has been adjusted to provide more consistent results at any angle.
      • Reward tables of Discoveries have been updated with new items.
      • Additional Quick Help screens have been added to the game to help you after the initial Tutorial experience. Press F1 on your keyboard or the Menu button on your gamepad to check them out!
      • Reduced overall game package size (reduced download sizes and load times)
      • Upgraded game engine to Unreal 4.18.
      • Fixed a number of issues with wheel collision which were causing Vehicle wheels to stretch in strange ways. These fixes should greatly reduce the number instances of stretchy wheels.
      • Fixed a bug where some Fabricators displayed nonfunctional contextual verbs.
      • Fixed an issue where the 'Use' and 'Examine' inputs prompts did not properly respond to input
      • Fixed an interaction bug where the 'Exit' prompt displays instead of 'Enter' when one or two seats of a 3-Seat attachment are occupied.
      • Fixed a bug where a non-functional 'Place’ verb appeared when interacting with another player’s Habitat
      • Fixed a bug where a player could not operate Winch if another player occupied vehicle it was attached to.
      • Fixed an intermittent bug where the Client players model did not appear to animate to the Host player while using the Terrain Tool.
      • Fixed an issue where Vehicles became embedded in certain kinds of terrain when printed from the Vehicle Bay.
      • The Habitat side slots can once again hold resources and other 1-slot items.
      • Fixed an annoying bug where the Vehicle Bay became inoperable for the Client player if the Host was using the control panel while the Client was joining the game.
      • Fixed a bug where a non-functional ‘Enter’ command appeared when hovering over another player’s Drop Pod in Multiplayer.
      • Power cells look like holograms on clients
      • Fixed a graphical corruption in the power conduit material.
      • Fixed a minor issue with Research rates showing decimal places off-screen on the control panel.
      • Fixed an issue where players could infinitely replicate smelted items. Sorry, not sorry.
      • Fixed a number of localization bugs in the “Learn More” help screens.
    • Known Issues
      • Storm textures showing up as pixelated on the Xbox One
      • Audio might become muffled after an Astroneer dies. We are working to resolve this issue.
      • The game sometimes looses audio when settings are changed. This can be fixed by deleting your game usersettings.ini

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Hotfix[править | править код]

  • Version Number:
  • Type: Alpha (Early Access)
    • Hotfix
  • Release Date: 2nd April 2018
  • Original Post: [4]
  • Patch Notes:
    • Fixed some crashes that were occurring upon loading saves.

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Hotfix[править | править код]

  • Version Number:
  • Type: Alpha (Early Access)
    • Hotfix
  • Release Date: 30th March 2018
  • Original Post: [4]
  • Patch Notes:
    • Fixed a bug that caused bases on fabricators, solar panels, and worklights to not deploy.
      • Dropping the above items when not near terrain will cause them to teleport under the starting habitat. We will fix this issue in an upcoming update.

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Hotfix[править | править код]

  • Version Number:
  • Type: Alpha (Early Access)
    • Hotfix
  • Release Date: 29th March 2018
  • Original Post: [4]
  • Patch Notes:
    • Fixed the bug that caused players to lose the ability to pick up items in the world. This should also fix any saves previously impacted by this issue.
    • Fixed a bug with fabricators created in 0.6.3 that caused them to not update their print lists with the new platforms

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Patch 0.6.5[править | править код]

  • Version Number
  • Type: Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 15th March 2018
  • Original Post: [4]
  • Patch Notes:
      • The Medium Rover and Large Rover have received a visual update. New front and back slots which provide extra storage when unconnected to power.
      • Rovers have received an update to their suspension. Handling should be much better. Also, gravity on vehicle chassis has been adjusted so mobile bases should be more stable.
      • The power connection between Rovers and Platforms has been changed to directional.
      • Research unlock costs relating to Vehicles have been reduced:
        • The Vehicle Bay cost has been reduced from 1000 Bytes to 250 Bytes
        • The Medium Rover cost has been reduced from 2400 Bytes to 2000 Bytes
        • The Large Rover cost has been reduced from 8000 Bytes to 6000 Bytes
        • The Open 1-Seat cost has been reduced from 600 Bytes to 300 Bytes
    • POWER
      • A three port Splitter object has been added to the game prints from the Small Fabricator for 1 Copper
      • Directional power visualization has been updated for clarity.
      • Power Cells behavior has been changed. They now act as an on demand, single use battery which will only discharge when power is needed by the item they are attached to.
      • Modules can now be unpacked on top of Rover bases enabling a kind of mobile base, once unpacked, base modules on rovers are linked forever.
        • Medium Platform B - More compact version of the Medium Platform, costs 250 Bytes to research and 1 Resin to print.
        • Large Platform B - More compact version of the Large Platform, costs 500 Bytes to research and 2 Resin to print.
        • Large Platform C - Winged version of the Large Platform which swaps the Tier 2 side slots for 20 Tier 1 slots, costs 2000 Bytes to unlock and 2 Aluminum to print.
        • Large Platform D - Two-tiered platform with 10 Tier 2 storage slots, costs 2000 Bytes to unlock and 2 Aluminum to print.
        • Extra Large Platform - An octagonal platform with a single Tier 4 slot, and eight cable sockets, costs 3000 Bytes to unlock and 2 Aluminum to print.
        • Extra Large Storage - A domed Tier 4 storage platform that prints on top of a Large Rover, or an XL Platform. It contains 31 Tier 1 storage slots, costs 3000 Bytes to unlock, and 2 Compound and 2 Aluminum to print.
      • The Vehicle Bay can now be operated by a Control Panel.
      • Module Control Panels have received a lighting pass
      • A large number of the orange floating UI buttons have been removed from the game and replaced with interaction verbs. Your bases should look a bit less like a Las Vegas light show.
      • The default Use verb has been replaced with contextual interaction verbs. For instance the Work Light now uses the verbs “Turn On” and “Turn Off,” while Drop Pods, Habitats, and Seats now use “Enter” and “Exit.”
      • Update Smelter Audio, better end loops. Less Abrupt.
      • Added variations for Base Building.
      • Hazard Plant SFX
      • Items in the Catalog have been slightly reorganized.
      • Fixed a longstanding bug where Tether lines did not go dark in Multiplayer games when disconnected from an Oxygen source.
      • Fixed a bug where the Astroneer’s headlamp would turn off while dying inside a Drop Pod
      • Fixed an issue with cables twisting in strange ways in relation to the planet center.
      • Fixed an issue with power sockets on platforms twisting cables in strange ways in relation to the planet center.
      • Due to the physics constraints of the world, vehicle chains have once again been limited to a maximum of 4 Rover bases.
      • Power Nuggets once again charge batteries. Cave spelunkers, rejoice!
      • Drop Pods should no longer launch into space when invoking the Use command.
      • Large Solar arrays can once again be moved by the Winch!
      • Mineral Extractor and Smelter should once again auto-pull from and auto-deposit into connected storage.
      • Fixed several recurring crashes on PC and Xbox One which should increase general stability.

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Patch 0.6.2[править | править код]

  • Version Number:
  • Type: Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 28th February 2018
  • Original Post: [5]
  • Patch Notes:
      • Large Storage on a Rover or on a Large Platform will now pass-through power!
        • We are extremely excited that players are finding all new ways to plug different base and vehicle modules together, and realized we needed to add some functionality to large storage to account for that.
        • Now generators, wind vanes, and solar panels connected to Large Storage will pass power through to the platform or vehicle they are printed on.
        • Additionally, we are working on new platforms, storage units and more to keep expanding on the variety of configurations for bases. Details soon.
      • Fixed missing sounds that were not loading for fireworks and other items
      • Fixed an interaction but that resulted in players being unable to use the terrain tool after sitting in a 3-seat on a Shuttle or Large Rover
      • Fixed a bug where users were able to unpack base modules that were not on a Large Platform.
      • Fixed a bug where a battery that was plugged into a power pool would constantly tell the player it was full
      • Fixed a bug where running platforms that got disconnected would then gain infinite power
      • Fixed a bug that would result in "wireless power" for disconnected platforms
      • Fixed a bug that caused a full Mineral Extractor to turn into Barad-dûr, resulting in the Eye of Sauron's gaze to follow your every move in your solar system. (GIF)
      • Fixed and added guards against crashes resulting from the array of connections while regenerating and merging Tether networks
      • Fixed and added guards against crashes resulting from the unpack animation failing to play
      • Corpses in the habitat from disconnected players trap players in the Habitat.
        • Until we a get a fix in, make sure players do not disconnect while sitting in the Habitat!
        • You can almost always jump your way out, or examine the corpse to start the despawn timer.
      • Rovers sometimes become stuck in terrain on save/load.
      • Power nuggets no longer charge batteries
        • They do however, still power rovers and other battery based items one their batteries have been depleted.
      • Clients in multiplayer sometimes cannot see holograms on modules or in the Catalog.
      • Invoking the use action on a printable Habitat sometimes causes the player to simultaneously grab it, causing them to rocket into space.
      • The burn-off particle effect shoots across the entire screen.
      • Large platforms are intended to create oxygen in this build
        • We plan on changing this behavior in an upcoming update.
      • Extractors no longer autofeed from connected storage
      • Solar Array crashes are no longer moveable

Patch_Notes_History#top|Back to top[править | править код]

  • Version Number:
  • Type: Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 23rd February 2018
  • Original Post: [6]
  • Patch Notes:
    • Fixed a few crashes that were occurring
    • Fixed missing sounds that were not loading for fireworks and other items
    • Fixed an interaction but that resulted in players being unable to use the terrain tool after sitting in a 3-seat on a Shuttle
    • Fixed a bug where users were able to unpack base modules that were not on a Large Platform.

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Basebuilding Update[править | править код]

  • Version Number:
  • Type: Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 22nd February 2018
  • Original Post: [6]
  • Patch Notes:
      • Introduction of the Basebuilding System
        • Creating bases has changed fundamentally at its core. Now Astroneers can create bases however they like with a variety of new movable platforms and new ways to connect those platforms together.
          • We have introduced free standing movable base platforms
            • Three all new Platforms have been added. Two versions of the Medium Platform, and a platform for base modules, the Large Platform. These objects can now be placed and rotated individually, allowing for greater flexibility in base configurations. Lock platforms into place by connecting them to power. If you want to move them again, just disconnect all power lines.
          • Introducing: Fabricators
            • Fabricators are portable printers that allow you to make bases. Pop up the new control panel, pick what you want to fabricate, and in the end you will have a crate you can unpack immediately or bring with you anywhere you go. The Small Fabricator allows you to bootstrap an entire base from your Backpack and is used to print Medium Platforms and Medium Fabricators. The Medium Fabricator is for printing Large Platforms and Base Modules. Medium Printers and Vehicle Bays remain unchanged for now.
          • The starting Habitat module has received a visual update
            • Complete with a built in Oxygenator, Power Generation System, nighttime running lights, and 4 power connectors, the new Habitat is top of the line Exo Dynamics technology.
          • All printed base Modules and Platforms now come in the form of packaged crates
            • This allows them them to be moved or stored before deploying. Hovering over a crate on the ground or a Module on a Platform will show a hologram preview of its orientation. Base module crates can only be unpacked while on top of a platform, so keep that in mind when planning your base.
          • Added a new Landing Pad which automatically deploys next to a new Habitat
            • The Landing Pad is used to call in your first packaged items, and as zone for other players who join your session to land. Be aware that calling in new packages to the landing pad will destroy the extant ones. We plan on adding more functionality to the landing pad in the future. For now, shuttles will still land in the area in front of a vehicle bay.
          • Bases created in previous builds will automatically migrate to the new Basebuilding system
            • When loading into an old save, Platforms and Modules will be converted to their movable, packaged form. We tried to support old saves as best we could so there was no loss of items, but terrain might not always generate properly. As always though, use old saves at your own risk.
          • All holograms have received a visual update
            • They should now be much more readable at all times of day.
          • The introductory landing sequence has been updated
            • We will continue to improve on the introductory sequence in future updates.
      • Implemented an all new Power System
        • Changed the Power System over to a system that uses streaming shared power pools
          • That means items that need power pull from available power generators on a connected network. All Modules, Rovers, and crashed solar arrays have been migrated to use this new power system. To see how a network is doing, check out the new power indicators on platforms.
        • Cable and Cable Connector Art has been updated
          • Cables and their Connectors are now indicators for how much power is running through a network. When the indicator is red, the network needs power and all Modules connected to it will not run at optimal efficiency. As you add more power, the indicator will begin to expand, and connected Modules will run faster.
        • Added a new directional power tool, Extenders
          • Extenders are printable in bundles of six from your backpack. Extenders provide directed power flow, which redirects excess power from one pool to another. Drag a cable from the extender to indicate the direction of power and where you would like it to flow. Power flow is indicated by the large chevron on the cable.
        • Added small standalone platforms for small power items
          • When placed on the ground, Small Solar Panels, Small Generators, Small Wind Vanes. and Worklights will now deploy standalone bases with two Power Connectors on them. Use these to add power to your network, power bespoke standalone platforms, or as extenders that also add power. Small worklight bases also contain spikes can now stick to any terrain surface regardless of orientation.
      • Interaction Updates
        • A new interaction verb “Use” has been added to the game
          • Holding Use (by default E on keyboard and X on the Gamepad) triggers using an object. It is also used to get in and out of vehicles and the Habitat.
        • A new interaction verb “Examine” has been added to the game
          • Holding Examine (by default Q on keyboard and Y on the Gamepad) triggers examining an object or its control panel.
        • Holding Q on keyboard or Y on Gamepad will now open the Catalog whether or not the Backpack is open
          • This is a change from the double-Q / double-Y interaction from previous releases.
            • Shoulder buttons can now toggle items in the Backpack Auxiliary slots on and off.
            • Interactions that need to be held rather than tapped, like Use and Examine, now have a visual indicator ring around them.
            • Platforms and Modules can be rotated using Z / X keyboard and RB / LB on Gamepad by default.
            • When standing close enough to power slots, Gamepad users will auto-select slots that can pull connections.
            • The Backpack printer can now be used with the directional pad and A button, rather than having to use the Gamepad cursor.
      • Other Updates
        • Small Generators now auto-pull nearby Organic resources when actively generating power.
        • Small Generators will now automatically turn on when an Organic resource is added.
        • Firework rocket has been added to the Catalog as an unlockable object. Happy Lunar New Year!
        • Control Panel buttons, including the Research Platform, have been updated to change color and icon depending on whether pressing it will start, stop, or cancel a process, or if there is insufficient power.
        • Tutorial help menu carousel has been updated to include Basebuilding, Power, and Interaction changes.
        • Informational widgets that appear at the bottom of the screen have received updated visuals.
        • Optimized rendering of hovering info text that appears over holograms, along with other minor framerate optimizations.
        • Made several changes to the gravity system to improve stability of Rovers.
        • Medium Generators now provide about 30% more power
      • Fixed several issues causing Rovers to float when outside of physics range. There should now be fewer instances of Rovers going on a beautiful journey into space.
      • Unified the simulation of the vehicle chain. This should mean many less vehicle physics freakouts going forward.
      • Fixed an Xbox One crash that sometimes occurred when players were transitioning into Multiplayer games, improving overall stability.
      • Fixed a PC crash that sometimes occurred when players were transitioning into Multiplayer games, improving overall stability.
      • Fixed a minor issue where large rocks would not despawn when dislodged, causing untidy bases.
      • Fixed an occasional bug where the mouselook camera would do a single wild 360 degree swing.
      • Fixed an issue where players were sometimes able to pick up things inappropriately while seated.
      • Dedicated Servers - (Q2 2018)
        • We now have our final plan for implementation and player workflow when it comes to dedicated servers and have begun implementation. The rollout plan is to have servers provided through a 3rd party during Early Access for stress testing, and then DIY hosted servers at a later date.
      • Basebuilding - Implemented & In Progress
        • Its finally out! As mentioned above, we still have plenty more we want to add to this system. We would love your feedback once you get your hands on it.
      • Research 2.1* - Implemented & In Progress
        • The next steps include working on items that instantly grant you research points, and unlockable blueprints that can only be found out in the world and never be unlocked via the catalog. Expect this to keep getting more content for our next few updates.
      • Weather and Hazards - (Q2 2018)
        • As a part of Terrain 2.0 we will also be introducing an entirely new weather and hazard system to challenge players. First on the list is fixing the wind system so it is more predictable and players can rely on it as a source of power generation.
      • Terrain 2.0 - (Q2 2018)
        • Not much has changed here. The terrain system is now stood up, and final tools are being implemented to account for item placement in the world. Adam has begun generation of terrain and exploration of new planets and biomes.

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Patch 0.5.1[править | править код]

  • Version Number:
  • Type: Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 18th January 2018
  • Original Post: [7]
  • Patch Notes:
      • Research System now uses Multi-Phase rates
        • This release we've made a big update to the research system that debuted in our last update. Now every research subject contains multiple phases with different Byte values. Some items have their most valuable phase early, some much later, and some in between. So if you really want to maximize your research operations, you have lots of new decisions to make about what to research, when, and for how long. To help you make these decisions and figure out how much you want to min-max as a player, the Control Panel on the Research Chamber now shows a timeline of all the current item's phases.
        • If your current research subject has moved into a lower-rate phase, and you want to replace it with something that's higher value, you can stop the current research operation and load in the new subject right away. But be careful, stopping a research operation early means sacrificing any uncollected points! So don't be reckless, okay?
      • Update to the lighting system has been implemented
        • In this patch we included an overhaul to the lighting system. The main goal was to get the game running using the ACES tone mapper, so we could then get the game running in HDR in a future update. That meant spending lots of time recreating the look of Astroneer in a completely new system. We aren't completely done tweaking this, but overall this approach is a huge step in the right direction.
    • FIXES
      • BUGS
        • Fixed a number of issues that were causing save files to be deleted when the game crashed or the application was closed. In the most common case, this occurred when very large saves took enough time to write out that the user had time to close the window before the file finished.
        • Fixed an issue causing inconsistent playback of Gas Hazard audio
        • Fixed a minor issue where the Astroneer could still walk around when scrolling through the pages of the Help screen.
        • Fixed an annoying Multiplayer bug which prevented the Client player from exiting a flipped vehicle in Multiplayer games.
        • By adjusting a few things in the engineering team’s favorite part of the code, local wind effects should now only spawn for the relevant player rather than all players in a Multiplayer game.
        • Fixed a bug where the Research platform remained in the "completed" state if it lost power while in that state.
        • Base platforms no longer have "ghost" slots on the front that store only Compound. Goodbye, secret Compound storage.
      • CRASHES
        • Fixed a crash that occurred when entering the pause menu
        • Fixed a crash that occurred while printing an item
        • Fixed a crash that occurred while opening your backpack in certain situations
        • Fixed a crash that occurred while loading a save game
    • Dedicated Servers
      • We currently have a dedicated server running with a third party that we can connect to. There are plenty of bugs still yet to deal with, but we are getting closer and closer to public launch.
    • Basebuilding
      • We have already completed a couple of playtests, but this is feeling really great right now. If you watched the vlog, you can catch some glimpses of basebuilding in action.
    • Research - Implemented & In Progress
      • We just keep going! This update As with all of the new systems we are shipping, these are just base implementations that we will now work on expanding. Multi Phase items are now in, and the next steps include working on items that instantly grant you research points, and unlockable blueprints that can only be found out in the world and never be unlocked via the catalog. Expect this to keep getting more content for our next few updates.
    • Terrain 2.0, Weather, and Hazards
      • This is still in a similar place as last update. Zabir is working hard on ironing out some of the last authoring tools that the art team will use to create planets, biomes, and weather. The next step here will be generating one of the existing playable planets with the new system for testing!
      • Also, the first versions of aggressive flora were shown off in the last vlog. We are now working on making variations that utilize some of the cool behaviors Andrew created.

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Research Update[править | править код]

  • Version Number:
  • Type: Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 18th December 2017
  • Original Post: [8]
  • Patch Notes:
      • Complete Overhaul of the Research System Added the new and improved Research Chamber
      • Added the new backpack Backpack#Research Catalog|Catalog Module
      • First Implementation of the new "streaming" power system
      • Implemented new resource colors
      • UI updates
      • Added a new in-game tutorial
      • Automatic Crash Reporting Implemented
      • New Soundtrack Music now added to the existing soundtrack songs
    • FIXES
      • The game now auto-saves appropriately when force quitting via the window “x” in the top right corner or by pressing ALT+F4.
      • Fixed a visual issue where Client player’s dropship had no thrusters in Multiplayer games.
      • Players can no longer hold objects after death or during the re-launch animation from orbit.
      • Fixed a few issues with quick stowing of items not interacting well with the backpack printer.
      • Fixed the Terrain Brush color ring to reflect the player color in the 'tool disabled' state (it’s no longer fuschia).
      • Fixed a few other instances of Client players getting stuck in a wheelie while driving a Medium Rover|medium rover in Multiplayer games.
      • Fixed an issue in Multiplayer games where the soil burn-off effect on the drill did not display for Client players
      • Fixed a bug in Multiplayer games on Xbox One where the 'No Power' text and symbol were not visible on Modules to Client players

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Pre-Alpha (Early Access)[править | править код]

Hotfix 223[править | править код]

  • Version Number: 0.4.10223.0
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
    • Hotfix
  • Release Date: 22th November 2017
  • Original Post: [9]
  • Patch Notes:
      • Oxygen Tank Fix
      • Shuttles are created with some fuel
      • Vehicle gravity has been tuned
      • Gas bags are broken

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Patch 221[править | править код]

  • Version Number: 0.4.10221.0
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 13th November 2017
  • Original Post: [10]
  • Patch Notes:
      • Added rigid joints between rovers
        • Rover trains are now limited to 4!
      • Patch Notes now on the home screen
      • Contextual Quick Stow enabled
      • New music and sound implemented
        • Implement New Music Assets
        • Audio - Update "negative" UI sound effect
        • Audio - cleaned up foley SFX
      • Oxygen/Power/Resource Plinths removed from planets
      • Hydrazine Catalyzer now shows the name of the resource (Ammonium) required to make Hydrazine.
      • Fixed an issue where the Fuel Condenser wouldn’t fill an entire canister with fuel in five battery cycles.
      • Fixed several Multiplayer issues causing Canisters holograms to frequently not appearing for the Client player.
      • Fixed an issue where empty canisters some times display as full on Client
      • Fixed a Multiplayer issue where the Mineral Extractor module would become temporarily invisible for the Client player.
      • Fixed an issue where the ‘'Enclosed 1-Seat' would be un-selectable in Vehicle Bay after the player cycled away from printing it.
      • Player can no longer jump infinitely off of items on the deform tool with the backpack open.
      • Fixed issues with inconsistent power usage by Augments.
      • Objects dropped from backpack upon death are no longer buried when the player returns, instead items that were slotted into the Deform Tool are now found on a Deform Tool near the body.
      • Fixed some awkwardness for players getting out of vehicles while they were upside down.
      • Fixed a major Multiplayer issue which prevented players from rejoining a game after they quit to the Main Menu.
      • Fixed a Multiplayer issue where Tether lines would not go dark for Client players when they were disconnected from an oxygen source
      • Fixed a visual-only bug in Multiplayer games where the Mineral Extractor canisters looked full for Client players
      • Crane controls once again work for gamepads!(édité)
      • Fixed a crash in Multiplayer games that occurred when Client players left the game while seated in the respawn Habitat.
      • Instances of the hilarious, yet annoying Rover Rodeo have been reduced, but may still occur in extraordinarily laggy network situations.

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Patch 219[править | править код]

  • Version Number: 0.4.10219.0
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
    • Xbox 'Play Anywhere' exclusive
  • Release Date: 7th November 2017
  • Original Post: [11]
  • Patch Notes:
    • This is an update specifically for Xbox One X users, rolling out the Xbox One X Enhanced version of Astroneer!
    • This update pushes the game to render at 4K UHD as well as other enhancements made possible by Xbox One X hardware.
    • There is an equivalent patch on all other Xbox "Play Anywhere" users, but only to make sure that all versions can play multiplayer together.
    • More information about our next content update for all platforms coming later this week!

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Excavation Update[править | править код]

  • Version Number: 0.4.10215.0
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 12th October 2017
  • Original Post: [12]
  • Patch Notes:
      • Added the new "Canister|Reusable Canister" item
      • Mineral Extractor Module now available to build .
      • Hydrazine Catalyzer Module now available to build
      • New Boost Mod Augments|Augment is now available .
      • Fuel Condenser changes: The Fuel Condenser|fuel condenser now requires multiple charges to create a full canister of refined Hydrazine, and also Canister|reusable canisters to put that Hydrazine in.
      • New Power Dynamic has now been implemented ° Deforming, flattening, or removing terrain no longer uses backpack Power|battery power. Deform forever!
      • The backpack no longer "trickle charges". That means if you run out of power, you are out until you can generate or find more. Be careful!
      • Printing from the Backpack#Backpack Printer|backpack printer now draws power .
      • Augments also now draw power when activated on your Terrain Tool|terrain tool.
      • Deforming with the Drill Head|drill head fills connected Canister|canisters.
      • Adding terrain now requires Soil|stored terrain from Canister|reusable containers
      • Added a new Soil Hose to the Deform Tool to show Soil usage between the Deform Tool and Canister|Canisters in the Backpack.
      • Added Soil gauge to the Terrain Tool|Terrain Brush
      • Updated Deform Tool to have a burn off valve to indicate lost terrain when Canister|Canisters are full
      • Revised Soil usage to have a 1:1 relationship with changes made to terrain. ‘Flatten’ mode now collects or consumes Soil contextually.
      • Opening Backpack while the Deform Tool is equipped will now pop out the Deform Tool automatically. Likewise, closing the Backpack with the Deform Tool popped out will automatically equip it. Pressing the Deform Tool ‘equip’ button/key while the Backpack is open will toggle popping out the Deform Tool instead of closing the backpack and equipping it.
      • Indicator slots can now pull resources from Deform Tool in addition to the the Backpack.
      • Deform Tool slots are now available when quick-storing items to the Backpack.
      • When dying, any items attached to the Deform Tool or Backpack|Backpack’s Backpack#Attachment Slot|Auxiliary Slots are dropped with the Backpack itself instead respawning with the Player.
      • When respawning, the Player|Astroneer will now descend from the Space Station in their Habitat.
      • Added new tutorial sequence to introduce Soil collection and changes to power usage. (Note that new saves will have to complete this tutorial before all starting Recipe|recipes are made available) All Augments|Augment Recipe|recipes now (temporarily) unlocked until the new Research (Mechanic)|Research System is released. Have fun!
      • Mixed, Mastered, & Implemented new music assets
      • The Thruster now plays sounds when it activates and deactivates
      • Fixed an issue where audio occasionally did not play when removing terrain
      • Fixed an issue where Beacon icons would become inaccurate while viewing from orbit
      • Partially fixed an issue where dead Astroneer Backpack|backpacks would use world lighting, making it difficult to see what it is on them in low light situations. Future updates will have a more complete fix.
      • Beacon collision model has been changed so it is no longer spherical. No more escaping Beacon|Beacons!
      • Driving past conduits on Rovers no longer pops attached objects off the front and back connectors
      • Fixed an issue where Rovers would fly into space when loading a save from a rover seat
      • Fixed several issues with Rovers displaying inconsistent physics
      • Fixed an issue with Rovers not having the power to perform basic intended functionality
      • Storm|Sandstorm Attenuation should now be working properly
      • Fixed an issue where Rovers would load in incorrect positions when quitting to Main Menu then reloading the Saved Game.

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Patch 201[править | править код]

  • Version Number: 0.3.10201.0
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 15th September 2017
  • Original Post: [13]
  • Patch Notes:
      • Added the Alignment Mod|Alignment Augments|Augment (This new augment creates a flat plane that is perpendicular to the curve of the planet. Unlike the existing Flatten mode, which flattens based on a selected voxel and mimics that angle)
      • Changes to tether placement (Pressing the “place tether” button will now place a Tether post at the Astroneer’s feet.)
      • Gamepad Control Changes (When using the Terrain Tool|terrain tool, the camera now defaults to a fixed over-the-shoulder view, and holding LT unlocks the cursor and puts you in the old default mode)
      • New sounds and updates to old sounds have been implemented
        • Connecting two conduits together now has audio.
        • Worklight now has audio
        • Vehicles|Vehicle enter and exit animations now have sound effects.
        • Beacon audio has been updated
    • FIXES
      • Fixed a rare crash, that according to engineers was “super weird, and something that should never occur,” involving the game trying to access non-existent Rover wheels.
      • Fixed a crash that occurred while trying to change resolution in cases where the settings .ini file had become corrupted.
      • Fixed an edge case where the game would crash while unplugging the controller and holding any button.
      • Fixed a Multiplayer crash that would occur if a Client player joined a game while the Host was not on Terran.
      • Two different actions can no longer be assigned to the same key / button
      • Fixed an issue where audio values reset to 0 after changing them during active gameplay, and then terminating the title.
      • Fixed an issue on Xbox One where brightness setting temporarily persisted when backing out of the pause menu without selecting 'Apply and Resume.'
      • Steam client Options menu text adjusts more elegantly to changing window sizes or resolutions (except for very small resolutions or unusual window shapes).
      • Changes to Options menu now persist between sessions on Xbox One
      • Fixed an issue in Multiplayer games, where Smelter audio loop continued playing for the Client player.
      • Fixed an issue where the Heartbeat audio loop continuously played after returning to main menu.
      • Fixed an issue on Xbox One where players would respawn partially underground after dying by falling
      • Reintroduced the plumbline to Beacon|Beacons
      • Fixed an issue where items would go on a beautiful journey into space if not collected from an dead Astroneer (Player)|Astroneer before a second death occurs.
      • Fixed a major issue where saves were disappearing on Xbox/Win10
      • Fixed a bug that was causing Rovers to fall through the world when loading into a saved game
      • Astroneer (Player)|Astroneers should no longer get stuck inside base modules as they are being built.
      • Fixed a bug where Tethers were not auto-highlighting for selection when playing with a controller.

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Hotfix 200[править | править код]

  • Version Number: 0.3.10200.0
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
    • Hotfix
  • Release Date: 19th August 2017
  • Original Post: [14]
  • Patch Notes:
    • Fixed an issue where audio settings for music and sounds defaulted to zero
    • Fixed a multiplayer crash related to clients grabbing research chests and then crashing
    • Fixed an issue that would cause some savegames to cause the game to crash on load.
    • Fixed some default resolution issues. This is still a work in progress, and users who still have resolution issues should follow these steps: Go to - SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Astroneer Pre-Alpha\Astro\Saved\Config and delete your GameUserSettings.ini file. OR Users\"your username"\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor.

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Patch 199[править | править код]

  • Version Number: 0.3.10199.0
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 17th August 2017
  • Original Post: [15]
  • Patch Notes:
      • The Options Menu has been completely overhauled. You can now:
        • Adjust display options including VSYNC and keep those changes
        • Adjust graphics options to suit your hardware, including Shadow Quality, AA, PP and effects.
        • Audio options now actually work! Adjust them to your liking.
        • Keybindings on PC will now remain saved between sessions, with some added options like mouse sensitivity, toggling the hold to sprint, and others.
        • Right now navigating and adjusting options in this menu is a little wonky, as you have to use the keyboard. Didn't want to hold it out of this update just for that reason. This menu will continue to be updated over the course of the next few releases.
      • The Trade Platform|Trade Module has received some bug fixes and interaction improvements, such as:
        • The maximum return value is always the number of slots on the trade platform rocket.
        • Now, once you reach the maximum return value, you will not be able to add more resources to any remaining open slots.
        • If you add an item that pushes the trade value above the maximum, or switch the return item to something with a more favorable exchange rate, the actual return will always be clamped to the maximum.
        • Resources that are on the trading platform already when the maximum return value is hit or exceeded can always be removed (but cannot be attached again unless removing them causes the return value to dip below the maximum).
      • Beacon colors can now be changed.
      • Audio has been migrated to the Wwise Engine from Unreal 4 and remixed using the new technology.
      • New cave exploration music tracks added.
      • Remixed / mastered existing music with additional instruments added. Tracks broken down into separate layers to leverage Wwise game states.
      • Music becomes distorted when low on oxygen.
      • Music changes based on time of day.
      • Music now streams rather than load entirely on game start, reducing RAM impact
      • Sound is sent through a reverb when underground.
      • Footstep sfx are affected by the movement speed of the player.
      • Ambience loops no longer heard when at the main menu or orbiting a planet.
      • Both the Medium Generator|medium and Small Generator|small generator’s audio slows down when their “fuel” is near empty.
      • When death occurs, sounds stop playing earlier.
      • Music does not abruptly start again when death occurs, it now fades back in over an extended period of time.
      • Wind Turbines|Wind turbine audio more appropriately matches their animation frequency.
      • Storm|Sandstorms now have improved distance attenuation and better stereo / surround panning.
      • Storm|Sandstorm rock impact added for when the player gets hit by a boulder.
      • Low oxygen breathing audio now triggered more abruptly rather than a gradual fade in.
      • Rovers|Rover tire audio no longer plays when vehicle is in the air.
      • Rovers|Rover engine audio no longer plays when rolling unpowered down an incline
      • Rovers|Rover engine audio revs when vehicle is being powered and leaves the ground.
      • Rovers|Rover shutdown sound added
      • Improvements to the active voice count in the game, allowing for slight performance gains.
      • Each suit now has a unique Death animation.
    • FIXES
      • Fixed several issues causing Multiplayer crashes which occurred when Client players returned to their base after venturing far away from it.
      • Fixed numerous Multiplayer crashes related to interacting with items in the world as a client
      • Fixed a Multiplayer issue that prevented Win 10 players from connecting to Xbox players
      • Fixed a number of performance degradation issues relating to base conduits.
      • Fixed several audio issues where sounds would persist even after the event has ended, including:
        • Biome Ambience SFX will no longer play when the player is in space.
        • In Multiplayer games, the sound effect of building loops no longer continues playing for the Client player.
        • Fixed issues with SFX being played from sources not close to player.
        • Fixed issue where Storm|Sandstorm audio would continue after the storm ended.
        • The sound of oxygen being replenished no longer persists when disconnecting from the oxygen tether before the tank has fully recharged.
        • Fixed issue where the ambient overworld wind sounds did not change when going deep underground.
        • Fixed intermittent issue where the Rovers|Rover did not make any sound when driven.
        • Fixed missing audio upon Pajama Suit Player|Astroneer death
        • Fixed missing audio upon Bubble Suit Player|Astroneer death
      • Fixed “double death” issue with Player|Astroneer taking fall damage and dying again when respawning after falling from a high altitude.
      • Collecting multiple resources with the Drill Head|Drill will no longer cause all the open slots to break.
      • Fixed issue where Resources|Resource items would float off after being blown away during a storm
      • Fixed issue where Save Slot 1 was sometimes overwritten when creating save data in Save Slot 2 and beyond.
      • Fixed minor but extremely annoying issue where newly built base conduits would not follow the hologram path.
      • Upon death, previous Backpack|backpack inventory should no longer appear hovering next to the Habitat.
      • Fixed a major issue where performance would severely degrade when players opened the Options menu
      • Fixed issue where incomplete nuggets of Power (resource)|Power were not consumed when placed on a slot.
      • Fixed issue where Terrain Tool Augments were not working correctly
      • On Xbox One, any changes made to the options menu will not persist between sessions. This will be fixed soon.
      • Some “vocal” efforts play on the server when activated by the client.
      • Sound for some players is defaulted to 0 on startup. Get into that new menu and turn it up!
      • When the game is in fullscreen, changing resolution has no effect

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Hotfix 197[править | править код]

  • Version Number: 0.3.10197.0
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
    • Hotfix
  • Release Date: 28th July 2017
  • Original Post: [16]
  • Patch Notes:
      • The effects of Storm|storms have now been scaled down. They will still cause things to blow away, but your rovers will now no longer be in perilous danger whenever the wind blows.
    • FIXES
      • Upon death, ghost Player|Astroneer corpses appear at your base.
      • When basebuilding, conduits stray of of their intended path when resin is placed on them
      • In MP games, Host players will see Worklight|worklights illuminated for themselves and Client players, but Client players will not see the light
      • Issue where the transform of an object moving into the backpack isn't set correctly, resulting in the item appearing inside the Player|Astroneer

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Patch 196[править | править код]

  • Version Number: 0.3.10196.0
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 21st July 2017
  • Original Post: [17]
  • Patch Notes:
      • Migrated to Unreal Engine version 4.15.
      • Fall Damage model been refactored to use fall velocity instead of absolute height values.
      • A variety of error messages for joining Multiplayer games have been implemented in game and localized in all shipping languages.
      • Set up headless game server to begin dedicated server implementation.
      • Worklight object is now available in the build and printable from the backpack.
      • Distinct Gestures and Idles for Bubble, Pajama, and Bio Suits have been added
      • Adjusted FX to fire off at the right times during animations.
      • Implemented basic gameplay telemetry collection.
      • The Game no longer triggers an autosave on the first exit from the Habitat|Dropship.
      • Backpack shoulder auxiliary slots can hold arbitrary items again.
      • Tank|Oxygen tank cost restored to 1 Titanium.
    • FIXES
      • Spikers should once again be visible to Client players in Multiplayer games.
      • Client players should no longer be generating different terrain than the Host in Multiplayer games.
      • Fixed a recurring crash during the object update cycle. Object updating is now more efficient.
      • Full Tank|tanks no longer appear empty to Client players in Multiplayer games.
      • The Smelter will no longer lose resource nuggets if there are no slots available on the module, nuggets will fall to the ground instead.
      • Fixed an edge-case, but annoying, issue where players are unable to proceed with the game after clicking the take-off button at the end of the landing sequence.
      • Fixed a crash that occurs when players attempt to load a previously saved game from the Main Menu.
      • Xbox players should now be able to join a previously suspended online game session.
      • Fixed a nondeterministic terrain generation issue which resulted in terrain seams around the landing zone.
      • Several fixes to the Gravity system should reduce instances of Vehicles and unearthed objects floating away.
      • Fixed issue where the Smelter would be restored to a bugged state if the game was saved during the Smelter|smelting process.
      • Fixed issue where the Research (Module)|Research Module would be restored to a bugged state if the game was saved at the wrong moment during Research Item|chest unlock.
      • Fixed numerical error buildup in camera system causing jitter and drift.

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Patch 189[править | править код]

  • Version Number: 0.3.10189.0
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 16th June 2017
  • Original Post: [18]
  • Patch Notes:
      • Implemented raw logging for join errors in Multiplayer|MP games
      • Implemented player-facing messages for join errors in Multiplayer|MP games
      • Medium Rover|Rover center of gravity has been lowered, improving handling
      • Thruster|Thrusters are now 10x as fun as they were before
      • Sprint can now be toggled on the Xbox GamePad by pressing the left thumbstick
    • FIXES
      • Fixed an issue where players became stuck inside the Habitat

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Patch 182[править | править код]

  • Version Number: 0.3.10182.0
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 26th May 2017
  • Original Post: [19]
  • Patch Notes:
      • Steam now automatically uploads crash logs.
      • Backpack visual design has been updated and new animations applied.
      • Item names have been updated to better reflect their size. (e.g. Medium Rover, Large Rover, etc.).
    • FIXES
      • Fixed input inconsistencies in the Control Menu.
      • When exiting a Shuttle docked at the Vehicle Bay, the Player|Astroneer should no longer become stuck.
      • Fixed an issue where certain objects still appeared gray after a saved game was reloaded.
      • Fixed an issue with Medium Solar Panel|solar panels failing to charge after loading a previously saved game.
      • Fixed a minor art overlap with the Research (Module)|Research module Schematic|hologram and Research Item|research chests.
      • Even more rocks now despawn after being dug up.
      • Decorators no longer spawn on deformed terrain.
      • Vehicles no longer automatically eject Player|Astroneers.
      • Decorators now clean up appropriately when a module is built on top of them.
      • Fixed an intermittent issue where space station launch buttons would stop working.
      • Fixed an issue where Dropship|Dropships would remain on a planet if a player's game crashes mid-travel.
      • Fixed an issue where Terrain Tool|deform tools would be left behind in saved games that were generated in Multiplayer.
      • Smelter|Smelters no longer generate partial resources.
      • Fixed an issue with objects floating as a player moves away from them.
      • Gas Plant|Gas Bag explosions audio now plays correctly in Multiplayer.
      • Fixed issues with the Drill Head that prevented terrain deformation.
      • Fixed an issue where 1-Seat|Seats printed by the Vehicle Bay could not be removed from Rovers.
      • Fixed minor audio issue with the Backpack printer.
      • Items ejected from Backpack|Backpacks can once again be picked up by Player|players in Multiplayer.
      • Fixed Winch cable issues in Multiplayer.
      • Fixed crashing issues caused by broken landing zones in Multiplayer.
      • Fixed several issues where item input indicators were missing in Multiplayer.
      • Fix an issue where player color differentiation did not persist after loading a saved game.
      • Gas Plant|Gas bags in caves now despawn after being destroyed.

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Patch 158[править | править код]

  • Version Number: 0.3.10158.0
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 5th May 2017
  • Original Post: [20]
  • Patch Notes:
      • Hydrazine can explode!
      • Gas Plant|Gas hazards now despawn after being uncovered from terrain.
      • Improved Research (Mechanic)|research curve. Research Item|Chests of the same type can now be re-researched. (This resolves an issue where some players might never see certain unlocks)
      • Added Turkish language to the build.
      • Added Early Access/Pre-alpha + Build # to on-screen overlay.
    • FIXES
      • Fixed an issue causing the occurrence of visible seams in terrain in MP or after save load.
      • Improve rover stability in MP so they no longer unrecoverably fly apart.
      • Most rocks now despawn after being dug up.
      • Fix gamepad camera behavior while in planet navigation.
      • Fix incorrect Research (Mechanic)|research unlock text.
      • Fix ejected resource nuggets being ungrabbable for non-host Player|players.
      • Fix various audio cues playing incorrectly in MP.
      • Fix Power Cells|power cells not Research (Mechanic)|unlocking despite the player receiving an unlock message.

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Hotfix 155[править | править код]

  • Version Number: 0.3.10155.0
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
    • Hotfix
  • Release Date: 27th April 2017
  • Original Post: [21]
  • Patch Notes:
    • FIXES
      • Bug: Fix previously unlocked item blueprints not being Printable.
      • Bug: Power Cells not appearing in the Backpack Printer after being unlocked from Researching an item.

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Patch 154[править | править код]

  • Version Number: 0.3.10154.0
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 26th April 2017
  • Original Post: [22]
  • Patch Notes:
      • Medium Printer|MEDIUM PRINTER base module now unlocked at the beginning of new games.
      • You will no longer be required to unlock its Blueprint from Research (Mechanic)|Researching.
      • Medium Printer|MEDIUM PRINTER base module will include a 1-Seat|SMALL SEAT blueprint, available for Printer|Printing.
      • You will no longer be required to unlock its Blueprint from Research (Mechanic)|Researching.
      • Vehicle Bay|VEHICLE BAY base module now unlocked at the beginning of new games.
      • You will no longer be required to unlock its Blueprint from Research (Mechanic)|Researching.
      • Vehicle Bay|VEHICLE BAY base module will include a Medium Rover|ROVER CHASSIS blueprint, available for Printer|Printing.
      • You will no longer be required to unlock its Blueprint from Research (Mechanic)|Researching.
    • FIXES
      • Fix for player color/suits being wrong in Multiplayer|MP after Save game is loaded.
      • Fix for DEADLY HEAT-SEEKING storm boxes

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Augment & Research Curve Update[править | править код]

  • Version Number: 0.3.10153.0
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 21st April 2017
  • Original Post: [23]
  • Patch Notes:
      • Added tool Augments|augment system: Augments|Augment items can be attached to tools (starting with Terrain Tool|terrain tool) to upgrade or change behavior
      • Terrain Tool|Terrain tool can now be interacted with when backpack is open in order to slot in augments.
      • New unlockable Augments|augment items!
        • Terrain Analyzer|Terrain analyzer: Collect terrain of a particular material/color until meter is full. Once meter is full, adding terrain will use the equipped color, and subtracting terrain will filter on the equipped color.
        • Wide Mod|Wide mod: Increases the size of the terrain tool brush while decreasing intensity.
        • Narrow Mod|Narrow mod: Decreases the size of the terrain tool brush while increasing intensity.
        • Inhibitor Mod|Inhibitor: Shuts down functionality. Applied to terrain tool, turns off adding/subtracting terrain, but maintains color changes and harvesting.
      • Complete overhaul of equipment unlock progression. Specific equipment unlocks are now dependent on Research (Mechanic)|researching certain types of chests while retaining some randomization.
      • Steeper difficulty curve: Fewer types of equipment are available at the beginning of a new game, requiring more Research Item|chests to be recovered and researched to acquire everything.
      • Research Item|Research chests are less common overall.
      • Hydrazine no longer tradeable at Trade Platform|trade module.
      • Backpack now opens to one side, if space is clear, to support Terrain Tool|tool interactions, and clear the view ahead.
      • Backpack gets illuminated when opened to aid visibility in dark areas.
      • Default Terrain Tool|terrain tool brush size and intensity adjusted.
      • Terrain Tool|Terrain tool now adds grey terrain when no Augments|augment mod equipped.
      • Terrain Tool|Terrain brush now indicates color
      • Added an interaction indicator between the Player|Astroneer and held items.
      • In multiplayer, the indicators of other Player|players are now visible and receive the accent color of that player.
      • Dynamite explosion power and radius now increases when multiple Dynamite|dynamite sticks are packed together.
      • Mellowed out camera behavior when backpack or Terrain Tool|terrain tool is out.
      • Updated Vehicles|vehicle code to increase stability.
      • Added new VFX for deformations.
    • FIXES
        • Several significant improvements to key physics systems to improve CPU performance.
      • BUG FIXES
        • Fixed crash on load of some saved games.
        • Fix many objects falling through the world when unattended.
        • Fixed foliage floating in air after dynamite explosion.
        • Fix Tether|tethers disappearing on quick-stow if top-left backpack bundle is full.
        • Fix Tether|tethers not being placeable while sprinting.
        • Fix Player|Astroneer's head remaining cocked until cursor is moved to a forward position.
        • Fix auxiliary slot items not automatically equipping to backpack auxiliary slots when printed.
        • Fix item unlock messages not replicating to all clients in MP.
        • Fix various MP desync issues.

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Patch 131[править | править код]

  • Version Number: 0.2.10131.0
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 17th March 2017
  • Original Post: [24]
  • Patch Notes:
      • 8 new rock-based discoveries available for research
      • Can delete saves
      • Saves use fixed numbered slots
      • Most recent save selected by default
      • Disable starting new game when saves full
    • TWEAKS
      • Reduced camera auto-adjustment so it interferes less when using gamepad
      • Updated attenuation settings on refinery audio. No longer playing as 2D.
      • Adjusted the Terrain cursor analog stick motion curve
      • Improved physics update efficiency.
      • Plant Materials updated to be less GPU intensive.
      • Major optimization to base networks and tethers.
      • Significantly reduce network bandwidth usage.

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Patch 125[править | править код]

  • Version Number: 0.2.10125.0
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 16th February 2017
  • Original Post: [25]
  • Patch Notes:
      • Dynamite now Crafting|craftable from backpack (takes one Aluminum|Aluminium)
      • New dynamite art, fx, audio
      • Dynamite can now be used to destroy base buildings and other objects
      • Added character idle animations
      • Added 9 new Discoveries|discoverable wrecks, including their collectible items within
      • Additional Research Item|organic research (Artifacts) items added
      • Updated Habitat|Dropship model art
      • Updated RCS thruster effects for Habitat|Dropship
      • Updated model art for Trade Platform|Trade platform
      • Updated model and FX art for Smelter
      • Added new Smelter|refinery / smelter audio
      • Added sandboxing of saved games when running the Steam Experimental Build|Experimental branch.
      • Improved game pad support on launch menu
      • Performance improvement: Added a system for fully despawning decorator sets as you move away from them.
      • Slight GPU performance improvement to terrain (use 16 bit indices)
    • FIXES
      • Research (Module)|Researching an item when you have already researched all recipes will no longer "use up" that item in regards to when future updates add new recipes.
      • It will now also give you a Resources|resource.
      • Fixed several issues with how decorator states were saved and restored.
      • Fixed race condition causing occasional anomalous terrain generation.
      • Organic#Seed|Seed fixes, including shift-click issue and Organic#Seed|seeds growing in backpack
      • Fix save game issue where conduits don't attach after saving a leaf and building platform
      • Fix save game issue where conduits nubs don't disappear after a save game and using dynamite on the leaf
      • Updated Oxygen Tank|oxygen tank fill looping sound. Fixed Xbox bug that caused it to play at full volume.

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Patch 119[править | править код]

  • Version Number: 0.2.10119.0
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 21st January 2017
  • Original Post: [26]
  • Patch Notes:
    • Cross-play multiplayer between Xbox One and Windows 10 Store PC versions now works!
    • Fix up the way that objects with Research Item|research items get dug up. You can now kill hazards without uncovering their buried Research Item|research item.
    • Make spikers destroy after a bit when you dig them up.
    • Spikers can be jumped on without hurting you, like that jellyfish scene from Finding Nemo.
    • Improve the distance at which objects have physics, allowing (for example) Marbles|zebra balls to roll further from player
    • Fix the disappearance of vehicles and items, particularly when frame rates are low.
    • A couple surprises you'll have to discover.
      • (Added two new marbles)

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Patch 117[править | править код]

Main article: Patch Notes History/Patch 117|Patch 117

  • Version Number:
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 9th January 2017
  • Original Post: [27]
  • Patch Notes:
    • Fix four major crashes including one that could prevent saves from loading, and one that could occur on Multiplayer|MP join.
    • Fix issue where some unburied discoveries would not simulate physics after reloading a save.
    • Fix very bad performance when training together many Medium Rover|rovers or Large Rover|trucks.
    • Fix Trade Platform|trade module save behavior. All existing lost trade ships in save games should return to earth (possibly after doing the wrong trade, but all new saves will work properly)
    • Bring in physics freeze distance by a bit, reducing incidence of cases where objects fall through ground. (More improvements incoming).

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Patch[править | править код]

Main article: Patch Notes History/Patch|Patch

  • Version Number:
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 29th December 2016
  • Original Post: [28]
  • Patch Notes:
    • Ensure that players joining a Steam MP session are friends with someone currently in session.
    • Fix for client Fuel Condenser|Condenser exploit that would allow player to take unfilled Hydrazine|fuel canister.
    • Fix for Research Item|research item exploit where player could save game after getting Research Item|item, and reload.
    • Fix for clients not seeing correct Power|light and oxygen state on Tether|tethers.
    • Fix for clients being unable to hear anything in SFX category of sounds.
    • Don't allow player to enter vehicles while interacting/holding anything else.
    • Updated the bones discoveries so they have random orientation to terrain.
    • Updated the Discoveries|Discovery version of Geysers to not include snapping points.
    • Undocumented from (already in Steam build):
      • Fix issue where resources hover out of backpack on loading save
      • Fix Popper hazards spawning new Research Item|research items on save load
      • Likely fix for client being unable to click launch buttons with mouse

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Patch[править | править код]

Main article: Patch Notes History/Patch|Patch

  • Version Number:
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 22nd December 2016
  • Original Post: [29]
  • Patch Notes:
    • Fix invert Y for gamepad applying to cursor motion
    • Controls screen accessed from pause menu now correctly displays controller buttons when using controller.
    • Fix host's gamepad cursor becoming bugged when a client joins
    • Fix ability to pick yourself up while in a 1-Seat|seat, and being unable to leave seat.
    • Fix bug where after loading a save, unplaced Habitat|dropships would freak out.
    • Add ability to enter 1-Seat|seat even when it's detached from a vehicle
    • Add ability to sit in a Habitat|dropship while mounted on a vehicle
    • Allow the 2 expansion slots on backpack to use Filter|Filters, Tank|Tanks, and Tether|Tethers
    • Fix exploit allowing player to Trade Platform|trade for infinite resources by thieving the item like a pirate while launching
    • Fix bug that would not allow a full Oxygen Tank|oxygen tank to save an Player|Astroneer from suffocating
    • Cut value of Hydrazine|Fuel in half on Trade Platform|Trade module
    • Double power requirement and production time of Fuel Condenser|Condenser
    • Fix known physics problems when attaching things to large storage on truck
    • Fix bug allowing player to make building platforms after a conduit hub has already been branched.
    • Change the Shuttle/Large Shuttle|Spaceship conduit hub type to the same as the habitat
    • Allow Shuttle/Large Shuttle|Spaceship to reattach to previously created hubs
    • Fix algorithm that picks the height of new base platforms, so that flat terrain makes flat base

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Patch[править | править код]

Main article: Patch Notes History/Patch|Patch

  • Version Number:
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 20th December 2016
  • Original Post: [30]
  • Patch Notes:
    • Fixed deadlock causing freezes on many people's machines, especially those with dual core CPUs.
    • Fixed 10 different crash issues affecting save reloads, Multiplayer|multiplayer joins, and general gameplay.
    • Decreased performance impact of distant objects.
    • Fixed certain performance problems that appear after loading a save.
    • Optimized Tethers|tether networks to significantly improve framerate performance.
    • Tethers now go dark when disconnected from their sources.
    • Properly disabled VR plugins.
    • Changes mentioned in a later patch:
      • Fix issue where resources hover out of backpack on loading save
      • Fix Popper hazards spawning new research items on save load
      • Likely fix for client being unable to click launch buttons with mouse

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Patch[править | править код]

Main article: Patch Notes History/Patch|Patch

  • Version Number:
  • Type: Pre-Alpha (Early Access)
  • Release Date: 16th December 2016
  • Original Post: [31]
    • This patch was not posted on the System Era forum, but rather on Steam Community news
  • Patch Notes:
    • Fixed bug where game would go to an unplayable framerate upon going underground. Seems an issue with computing reverb on certain hardware. We've disabled reverb for now and will investigate later.
    • Fix for 100% crash for users with Intel Core2 Duo and Core2 Quad processors.
    • Fix for SteamVR launching alongside the game. We don't have VR support!
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